Frequently asked questions
Here you'll find the most common questions. If you could not find an answer write us at and we'll answer as soon as possible
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What kind of project is gonna be evaluated?
Each type of real estate project will be assessed. the key aspects are
• Use of updated market data
• Business Plan
• return between 4 and 25%
• complete technical documentation
• company Track record.
To propose a project and start the raising, go to the COLLECT page and start to enter the documents required. At the beginning, the project will be evaluated by an internal team that will verify if all documents are correct and the information remains verifiable and updated. Passed the first screening, the project will be assessed by the investment committee that decide if the project will be loaded and published on Build Around.
How can I upload my project?
For Build Around transparency, semplicity and completeness are key factor. In the intial phase we just need the company data and the business plan of the project. In the case the project passes the first screening, you will be assisted by us in order to upload all the required informations
Why should I use Build Around?
Build Around has many positive effects for a developer. First of all in decreases the debt towards a bank, second it promotes the project on the web creating potential synergies with the investors. Using a Crowdfunding platform permits to understand the effective value that the project has.
How much can I collect with Build Around?
Due to the Italian law, the maximum amunt that a crowdfunding campaign can collect is 5 milions euros. We normally suggest and accept this value to be between 5 and 40% of the total project.
Are you interested in working in Build Around?
We are always looking for young and motivated people. Please send us your CV to
Does buildaround charge investors?
No Buildaround will only ask a fee to the developer company in the case the required sum is collected.Does buildaround charge investors? No Buildaround will only ask a fee to the developer company in the case the required sum is collected.
I changed my mind and I don’t want to invest anymore: is it possible to have my money back?
As any other investor you have the right to withdraw from your investment following the terms established by the law. To simplify every investor has the right to withdraw within 7 days from the moment he/she invested and in the case where some information regarding the project changed he/she has still the possibility of withdrawing within 7 days.
How do I know my investment is safe?
Build around selects every project carefully starting from a deep and detailed analysis of the society presenting the project. Before being allowed to present the opportunity to the investment committee, a KYC of the promoted society is going to be done. Balance sheets of the last three years are going to be requested, as well as the track record and the curriculum vitae of the business’ administrators in order to make sure that each of them has the professional and honorable prerequisites.
When I invest, where does my money go?
The money is being collected and deposited on a earmarked currency account in “Finint Bank”, assigned to the society that develops the project until the end of the crowdfunding campaign.The firm that develops the project will be able to get the money and carry on the operation, if and only if the collection of funds will reach its objective amount. If this objective was not to be reached, then the money will be given back to the investors without any type of commission.